Land Consultants


 a multidisciplinary private, independent consulting firm that accomplishes project services from inception through construction, utilizing effectively and efficiently the resources of the integrated professional staff that it proudly employs.


Land Consultants Seeks To achieve Excellence & Enhance Professional Practice & academic Engineering. The Advisory Office’s Vision Of The Nature Of Its Role Corresponds To a General System Whose Ultimate Objective Is To Serve Our Country. The Office proceeds From Its Understanding Of Our Current Reality & The Urgent Nneed For Development & Modernization In Our Beloved Homeland To Determine Its Vision For The Future.

Contour Beautification

  • President of the Board of Directors of the Office of Engineering Consultant.

  • General Coordinator of the project to develop the railway stations,the Egyption (the number of 300 stations on the level of the Republic).

  • Member of the committee preparing a guide for the design of government buildings.

  • Member of Association of upgrading urban envoronment of the General Authority for Bilding Research and Urban Planning in Egypt.

  • Technical Committe Member for the establishment of the Egyption Central Bank Press.

  • Cooperation with public funds as an expert on behalf of expert engineers.

  • Architectural consultant to hospitals,Ain Shams University.

Linear Architecture

Professional Registrations

  • Member Of the Egyption Engineerring Syndicate 1990.

  • Member of the Society of Egyption Architects,1990.

  • Member of U.I.A., Egyption national Section, Cairo, 1990.

  • Member of the Enviromental and Urban Society.

  • Member of Architectural Engineering Society 1996.