Prof.Dr.Akram Farouk
Ain Shams University

Principal Partner of UDC 5+ (Urban Development Consortium)

Land Consultants a multidisciplinary private, independent consulting firm

that accomplishes project services from inception through construction, utilizing effectively and efficiently the resources of the integrated professional staff that it proudly employs.

Founded in 1996, Land Consultantshas Played a principal role in providing Architectural and Engineeringg Consulting services in Egypt.

Land Consultants is a firm of Architects, Landscape architects,  Planning,  Project management and Interior design.

Our passion

Our firms practice is premised on the belief that the public is entitled to ecological standards, by their very being, threaten the aesthetic and cultural values of the buildings around them. We do not belive that any one stay is appropriate to every building and every place.

We do believe in the continuity of tradition and strive in our work to create order out of the often chaotic present by entering into a dialogue with the past and with the spirit of the places in which we build.

At Land Consultants. we are known for our passion

Passion for aesthetics and creativity … and passion for forging strong relationships with our partners and clients.