Let the Executive Hotel Vintage Court Union Square be your guide to the many fine wineries of Napa Valley and Sonoma. We host nightly wine receptions in our cozy lobby 5pm to 6pm. As you arrive to our charming wine country hotel, you will be given a listing of San Francisco’s wine events and wine store locations. We provide our guests with winery maps, guides and complimentary tasting coupons for many of the Napa wineries.

Our staff may assist in planning a beautiful candlelit dinner or a hill-top picnic at one of our favorite wineries in Sonoma or Napa Valley. Perhaps a scenic balloon ride or a private limousine tour of Napa with a stop at the Hot Springs for a mud bath is your idea of pure leisure. Join us on Friday evenings as we sample new releases from our winery partners such as Silver Oak Cellars, Heitz Cellars, Peju, Chateau St. Jean, ZD Wines, Merryvale, Bonny Doon and many more.

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